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Used Car Buying Tips

The biggest no-no in buying used is not to buy from the internet.  It’s important to to purchase your used car in Seattle from a trusted source, like the Zein Auto Group.  The best place you can purchase your used vehicle is from a dealership that employs professional automotive specialists to give the car a thorough inspection, detailing and will then fix any issues.  Any of the ZAG dealerships do this, including Best Bet Auto, Independence Auto Sales and LIberty Auto Sales.


It’s important to not just look at the cleanliness or lack of exterior and interior damage when buying a vehicle.  You must also take the car for a thorough test drive, taking sharp turns, putting the car in reverse, accelerating, braking and checking the engine and drivetrain.  If you would like to bring a mechanic with you, you are encouraged to do so.

For more information about used cars, or to take a look at a large used car inventory, contact the ZAG Auto Group.